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5-12 Empress Veneers

4-13 Empress Crowns/Veneers

4-12 Empress Crowns

Cosmetic Dentistry an investment in yourself


A beautiful smile is a priceless asset as valuable for the one doing the smiling as for the one receiving it. A full, healthy, truly happy smile brightens the world and brings good fortune.

If you find yourself holding back on showing the world your biggest, brightest smile because your teeth are less than perfect, you're missing out. You deserve to smile big, and we at Guelpa Dental Arts know just how to get you to do it.

We provide the latest, most advanced cosmetic dentistry in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Using the most advanced instruments available and the highest quality laboratories in the country, we offer patients the most that the dental arts have to offer with minimal discomfort.

We are dedicated your smile!


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Extreme Makeover Changing lives with beautiful smiles

An extreme smile makeover can change your life. A simple bleaching treatment can change your outlook. A myriad of cosmetic dentistry enhancements in between can make just the difference you are looking for in your smile and in your life. At Guelpa Dental Arts, we work with you to create the smile you've always dreamed of showing the world.

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Did you know?

Dr. Randall Guelpa is a graduate of the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the premier center for cosmetic dentistry in the United States.




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